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 Stationheights Forum, Powered by vBulliten

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PostSubject: Stationheights Forum, Powered by vBulliten   Stationheights Forum, Powered by vBulliten Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 6:09 pm

Stationheights Forum, Powered by vBulliten Qq8yns

Stationheights is a forum where you can discuss video games, life, sports, pretty much anything you want. It is powered by vBulletin. Stationheights is trying to geta community going, so please go ahead and join. We are also looking for moderators. We will be holding all kinds of different events to get the community jump started. A few examples of contests will be signature and avatar contests. One of the prizes we will most likely give away is to own your own monthly forum.

Stationheights has forums such as:

-General Chat - talk about anything you want
-Music, TV, and more - talk about entertainment and the latest news around the TV world
-Science & Talk about the World News with high lethal discussions.
-Video Games - talk about Video Games

-Fun Forums - have fun! WE will be adding new forums every month or so - so nothing EVER gets old.

-Promotion forum and services COMING SOON!; where you can advertise your site! We need users for that and if you join, we will be one step close to it!

-We will be adding new forum banners every now and then. We make sure they are perfect and match the layout of the forum.

-We will also have cool contests, where you can make sutff and show it off into the community!

-If the staff sees you as a good member, role model to other users, and contributes a lot, you will get a special rank/colored username. The rank will be “Stationheights Forum Master” and we are still deciding what color your name will be.

It is going to be a good community for everyone and we will take all of your ideas/suggestions. Come join today! It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



-Stationheights Staff
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Stationheights Forum, Powered by vBulliten
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